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Elementary particle phenomenology is the branch of particle theory occupied with the derivation of quantitative predictions from quantum field theory. Particle phenomenological calculations commonly yield predictions which can be directly or indirectly tested in present and future collider or astrophysics experiments. The number of topics in elementary particle phenomenology is as large as the number of possible and foreseen experimental measurements - and therefore virtually infinite. Presently, our group is involved in the following research fields:

  • Physics at LHC and ILC (also from LEP)
  • Higgs phenomenology for different models
  • Extra vector Bosons
  • High-dimensional (HEIDI) models
  • Precision tests of the Standard Model
  • Automated computational techniques for loops and legs
  • Higher order corrections to electroweak calculations
  • Anomalous vector boson couplings
  • Strongly interacting Higgs sector
  • Dark matter
  • CP violation
  • Boson stars